When next and last post links are redirected

This is quite an odd problem and it may be theme related, but here goes:

This week I restored a number of posts that were previously missing and redirects were set up to deal with external links to the relevant pages.

I restored the pages and deleted the redirects. The incoming links now go back to the original restored pages so do any internal links pointing to these posts from the main body copy on other posts.

However, and next and last post links to these pages still redirect four days after the redirects were deleted. If it is relevant, I’m using the Edition theme.

At a guess I’d say either these next and last links are cached… or they are generated at some point and not dynamically updated.

Is there a way to clear the cache or to regenerate the relevant links?

I wondered if editing the posts and resaving might refresh the links, but it doesn’t.

Here’s an example. The back link on this page should connect to


but it redirects to


The backlink goes to Windows 8 is a flop.

So, the issue isn’t with the backlinks, but the URL: https://billbennett.co.nz/microsoft-surface-sales-disappoint/.

This has a redirect to https://billbennett.co.nz/pandemic-tablet-boom-rolls-over-into-2021/.

I deleted the code for that redirect from redirects.json three or four days ago.

Why does it still redirect? Is there something else I need to do?

Are you using Cloudflare or any caching services?

Yes. Cloudflare. I’ve purged the cache, but those links still redirect. Is it just a matter of time or is there something else I need to do?

I’ve tried it with Cloudflare in developer mode, ie no cacheing and the pages still redirect.

Likewise, Cloudflare is paused and it still redirects. Could Ghost-Fastly be caching the pages?