Where did the ghost client go? Where is it located now?

I’m looking for the ghost client, so I can install it on a new workstation, but it’s not where I have it bookmrarked.

The location I have is:

But it looks like so much has changed - is ghost still free to self-host and use? The main site just seems to talk about licenses and monthly fees and such. I just run a few small blogs on different topics and stuff on a few different domains I set up a while back.

I hope I don’t have to move to yet another platform, although it was suggested that I try Pico integrated with NextCloud, I really just love the way Ghost flows for writing my articles.

Hey @tallship! :wave:

Ghost is absolutely still free to self-host and use - the instructions for that are here: How to install & setup Ghost on Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04 and 20.04

Ghost Desktop was a community maintained project but hadn’t been given the full amount of love we’d like to give, and it was starting to show its rough edges so it has been retired for now. We recommend using the Ghost Admin web interface, or one of the other writing apps that integrate with Ghost :slightly_smiling_face: