Where is the live edit view on ghost 2.0?

Don’t kill me for this lol but I can’t find the live view when writing an article on the 2.0 version, please tell me it was not removed…

@afern247 The whole editing canvas is the live view :wink: Could you explain a bit more what is is that you’re expecting?

Maybe there should still be a preview link to show the post/page in the overall context of the entire site/theme (i.e. maybe how it fits into a layout with a sidebar or other elements that might influence it from a visual point of view).

If I understand what you’re asking, that feature has been available since (at least) Ghost 1.0.0 - Just click the gear icon in the top right of your story to open the Post Settings Menu, and click the preview link under the feature image. This is only available for drafts though

It seems it’s integrated the live and the edit view, which is good, I like it. Ghost gets better and better every day, keep it up guys. I’m going to be very busy this semester with 5 classes, but after I’ll contribute with the dev. I love the update.

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