Where to find last uploaded images (Not Self-Hosted)

I switched from WordPress to ghost, and I regret why I didn’t do it sooner. However, I have a question: where can I find the photos already uploaded?

The images are stored in a folder where your site is hosted. You can figure out that folder by right-clicking an image and copying the link. In my case, it is {site}/content/images.

Note that Ghost does not have any sort of image library that is accessible from the admin side. If you have FTP access to your site, you can dig around that way. If not, you’ll need to set up something on your computer to store and catalog and label them, if you want to reuse them or track them.

Hi there! If you’re using Ghost(Pro) then you can contact support to get a downloadable archive of all of your content including images.

If you’d like to reuse images, it’s totally acceptable to upload them again. Or you can use the Snippets feature to save content that you want to quickly access and reuse multiple times.