Where Are Images Stored - Not as Documented


Hello, I am running 2.7.1 and am confused as to where the images are stored. Documentation says that the images would be under /var/www/ghost/content/images (or assets). Both those folders are empty, but a clean install of Ghost with Casper theme has several “Getting Started” posts, each of which have images. Am using MySQL as backend. Are they stored there as BLOBS?



The casper images are hosted by Ghost, so they don’t get in your way! If you look at the image URL, you’ll see it says static.ghost.org/... rather than your domain.

Images are stored in the directory you specified (assuming a standard installation), and you can verify this by uploading an image via (e.g.) the editor and then checking again :slight_smile:


Thanks! Uploaded and see the image in content/images.


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