Which newsletter vendor do you recommend

I am about to launch my website that’s geared to 55+ users (like me)
I was hoping to get some legal documents set up through TermsFeed and halfway into the selections found myself on a question asking if I plan to solicit emails for a newsletter - that is my hope indeed.

It’s an additional $24 to get language for my intended newsletter once I launch my ghost website. But I then have to specify which of four newsletter vendors I’m using: Mailchimp; Constant Contact; Aweber; Get Response. I only am familiar which Mailchimp which was used at my former employer. None of them are inexpensive so I will ask for your advice on which one to use, knowing I’m starting out and don’t know what the email newsletter response from readers will be like.

Thank you.

Ghost includes newsletter sending if you’re hosting with Ghost Pro or another managed host. So maybe you don’t need one at all?