Why the market share % is so low for Ghost?

I was told by a friend that he was worried about the future of Ghost because the market share was tiny.
And he shared links to builtwith and wappalizer:

Then you go to About Ghost - The Open Source Publishing Platform and see that there are 22k active customers + the self hosting ones, which can be another 5k?

Those are still low numbers compare with old cms like Joomla, etc.

What do you think is the reason for these low numbers?
Is there any plan to involve the community more and grow?

PS:Not sure if this is the right category, I could not find a better one.

Because it isn’t a simple php that any cheap host will setup and run. Arguably all apps start this way and grow as it’s been a decade and they continue to grow tell your friends to stop using survivor bias.

Oh, has Joomla survived? :smirk: Many technologies are still popular only because coders became used to them and haven’t learned anything faster. Such as node.js, which is faster and is used by Ghost, Netflix, NASA, Trello, PayPal, LinkedIn, Walmart, Uber, Twitter, Yahoo, and eBay. But can’t be auto installed using Scriptaculous on a shared CPanel host. You need shell access to install Ghost.


You can see Ghost’s internal numbers and revenue here: About Ghost - The Open Source Publishing Platform

It’s not going away, it’s growing nicely and picking up signature clients.

It’s super power is around memberships so there are lots of use cases it will never be right for.

Market share is not going to be a useful tool for figuring out if Ghost is going away. There are real numbers you can use to actually figure that out.

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