Zapier - Find Member in Ghost Not returning data (or errors)

Using the Find Member in Ghost action in Zapier - I do not get any data returned ever.

  • Using a valid email with existing member - no data
  • Using valid email for no member - no data
  • Using random string - no data

I do not get any data or errors. Same response every time:

  • Ghost Version: 5.8.3
  • Using latest Zapier version

I just updated Ghost to latest and still do not get any data or errors in response to this Zapier search.

What step do you have after Find Member in Ghost?

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I was trying to do a Ghost create/update to allow users to subscribe to additional newsletters via our non-ghost website.

It shows that this data should be available but nothing is ever added after the Find a Member step:

Also I expected the data to be the same as the Admin API but am not sure why the list of newsletters is not available.

I would also expect that entering a random string as email, i.e. “alsdkjf”, would return an error in the test of the Find Members but it succeeds silently. Testing the Find a Member step does not return any data regardless of what input I use.

I’m probably just gonna give up not use Ghost to manage member lists. It seems impossible to manage multiple newsletters without using the portal interface or writing a custom API implementation.

Sorry, you’re frustrated! I was asking about which step you have after Find member, so I could try to reproduce the error myself and troubleshoot. What specifically do you have as the next step in your Zap?

The Ghost action - Create (or update) member. Was trying either, anything. But it doesn’t matter what I put after it. The find member just isn’t returning data in the test step.

Here is a simple reproduction - I would expect this to fail

Instead it returns “no data” and goes to the next step

The Find a Member in Ghost step requires another step after it to work properly. You should have an error in the Status area that describes this. The step won’t work properly unless you add another step.

CleanShot 2022-08-25 at 14.59.04

Even when I add another step - no data comes out from Ghost (see “No data” in To field of Gmail step)

I don’t currently pay for Zapier so am unable to actually publish multiple step processes. I was seeing if it worked setting it up before paying. But am unable to even test the whole process because Ghost Find Member does not ever result in data output.

Are you getting data output from The Find a Member step when testing?

I am on the latest Zapier version of Ghost and latest Ghost version on my server.