Zapier question: Add gmail label to Ghost member emails inquiries?

Hi, my Zapier skills are very limited and I’m only on the free plan.

I do use a super helpful Zap (thanks to a prior forum tip) to add one-time / tip-jar payments TO Ghost as members.

Now I’m wondering if there’s a way to add a Gmail label (e.g. Members) to any Ghost member who emails me. Ideally - I could limit this to paying members. But I’m open to any members really. Mainly so I can make sure to prioritize responses to them.

My current approach is setting up a Gmail filter manually for each member I email with. But that is rather time-consuming. I’m thinking this likely is not possible but it also doesn’t seem like the craziest idea.

If I’m understanding what you’re after, would this work?

  1. Trigger → New message in Gmail
  2. Find a member → Search email in Ghost
  3. If success, add Ghost label to message in Gmail

You could use Contact Groups:

And use a on new member sign up trigger to pass the email to the Add Contact to Group Zap:

Another Way
Alternatively, and more of a Gmail answer than Zapier, you could append a +members to the email address you give members and then filter by that.

So the email you would give members, or have a form use, etc., would become or, etc.

Then you could filter/label incoming email on the to field.

Thanks! It doesn’t quite seem to be so simple but I’ve asked Zap what I’m missing. Also limited by the free plan (likely).

Thanks - adding +member wouldn’t work because they will all be emailing me from their own email addresses. I’m not sure how Email by Zapier works but I will have a look… I wonder if I could set something up with like - a new Ghost member → Google Contacts? Not sure. Either way it feels more complicated than the free plan (which limits steps). I appreciate the ideas.