A clicked link in email should increase "opens"

I realize there are things in place to prevent tracking, especially on Apple products. This negatively affects the accuracy of the analytics numbers we seen the Ghost dashboard. How about we tweak the code so that if someone clicks a link in an email they receive, even if they have tracking turned off, Ghost can still increment the “opens”? Because if you’ve clicked a link in an email, then you’ve definitely opened the email. Right?

What say ye?

You have a logical point: an email must be opened to click the links within.

As it seems Ghost is already tracking exactly who clicked on what, it would be possible to make sure the open is counted if there’s a click.

Someone with a popular newsletter and some SQL skill could check how often this case comes up.

With the anti-tracking that Apple has baked into their email apps, this is likely a very big problem. It’s true Apple users can turn off that anti-tracking feature, but I think it’s turned on by default.