Can Ghost Pro newsletters track email opens?

Not sure if this has been asked before somewhere but is there a way for someone to track email opens on Ghost Pro (not self hosted)? I’d like to know how many members actually open/read my newsletter.

This is apparently in the roadmap and will be coming soon. For now folks who want this analytics are using services like Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp to get it.

Thanks! So sending via RSS with something like Mailchimp? or is there a way to integrate Mailchimp tracking into Ghost Pro directly?

That should hopefully help.

Yes, open tracking was added in Ghost 3.39.0 released yesterday. It will be rolled out on Ghost(Pro) over the coming week.


Awesome!!! Thanks for letting me know!

Unfortunately, email tracking doesn’t seem to work for me. Sending out an email to a few hundred people (including myself) results in 0% open rate even after several days. I definitely did open the email to myself, yet it doesn’t show in Ghost. Neither the statistics on the post update nor do the statistics on my member profile (where the email is still shown with the “sent”, but not with the “viewed” icon). What might I be missing in setting up email tracking?

It does work for me, at least in the self hosted version.
Maybe you’re not in the right version yet or the emails were sent in a previous version so they can’t be tracked?

Thanks. I have the latest version (I do upgrade Ghost all the time and it runs on a Digital Ocean Droplet). The email just went out two days ago, so it was with the latest version. I totally don’t understand what’s wrong :(. I would understand, if my post wouldn’t have made it through spam filters, but I received my email fine – and I DID open it; yet the stats still show my email as “sent” and never opened.

I found my mistake: It seems you have to turn on open tracking (as well as click tracking) in Mailgun explicitly. These settings were off by default.

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Great to know it worked :slight_smile: