Bitcoin payments

It would be awesome and so much easier if you allow bitcoin payments for memberships.

One way would be to use a third party processor, but ideally you could create a bitcoin wallet for each admin which would allow you to process payments internally.

Stripe, Paypal, Google pay are never easy to use or impossible in third world countries when you want to receive payments.

Thank you! And I definitely love ghost.


Stripe played with Bitcoin payments for awhile and then ditched it.
I personally would love to see Bitcoin, and especially Dash, supported. Maybe something to poke someone like Coinpayments or one of those services for.

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Not very many people actually pay with crypto. Other sites have offered it and it’s less than .1% of all payments typically.

Depends on the targeted demographic, and importantly, how easy you make it to use.

And of course, crypto is unparalleled if you have a cross-border patronage.

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Crypto transactions may be less than .1% overall, but that’s not the case across all niches. A crypto newsletter or porn blog would expect a higher proportion of transactions to be made with cryptocurrency.

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