Can I add additional data other than title and post content to ghost environment?

Currently, in ghost we create content as post under which there’s post title, featured image, tag, content and some more. I want to know is it possible to add an additional block which can store custom content type and then get that content type to be displayed in a theme?
This will make an additional database column and some more changes in core. So can I know from where should I start to do this?

Hey @Prashant_Verma :wave:
You should check out our tutorial on creating custom collections in Ghost

From what you’re describing this would suitably provide you with the features you need for a new content type :slight_smile:

I’m not looking for this.
Let me give you an example:

In single post we can grab {{ title }} {{ content }} and some more data. I want to add ratings to each post and grab it using {{ ratings }}

Is this possible in Ghost?

Thanks for providing more information. Going by the name rating does this mean it’ll be vote based or something input by the author? Asking so I can get a better idea of how this will be used :slight_smile:

Yes, author will vote the article.
Also rating is just an example. I am looking to have some more fields.

One way to add a rating system is to use tags, that way you could group items with similar ratings, e.g. all items with 5 star ratings. These could then be displayed together on a single tag page