About switching from WordPress to Ghost and Starter package


I’ve been using Wordpress for 10+ years. I have a few different sites. One of these sites has 1000+ articles from one of these sites. Now I have two questions about this issue:**

1- Is it possible to migrate this site with 1000+ articles to Ghost flawlessly?
2- I want to install Ghost on VPS, but I am curious about the Starter package. Does this package have a monthly visitor limit?

Thank you.

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Because you can pretty much generate any kind of content on WordPress, it’s difficult to say whether it’s possible to “flawlessly” migrate your content. There are a lot of variables (shortcodes, plugins, markup). We have a guide on migrating from WP here: Official guide: How to migrate from WordPress to Ghost I would try migrating on a trial plan and see how it goes. If you find you need a more fine-tuned migration, we do offer a concierge migration service.

The Starter plan has no limit on monthly visitors. It does have other limits, though, which are laid out on the pricing page: Ghost(Pro) - Official managed hosting for Ghost


Hey @ayberk, welcome to Ghost! :slight_smile:

I sat down to type this and then Ryan’s excellent response loaded. So I won’t repeat that. I will share some observations from working with lots of folks whose previous experience is WordPress.

I think three of the biggest surprises former WordPress users have are:

  1. There are no custom fields or tables. If the blog schema in Ghost fits your content, that’s great. If you want to build something totally different (i.e. calendar, ecommerce, etc), things get messy fast, and that information will need to live somewhere other than your Ghost instance. Sites like that might want to choose a different option, or use Ghost for the blog/newsletter parts only. (For example, Bubble Blog | What you need to know about building with no-code is a Ghost install, but https://bubble.io is not.)
  2. There are no plugins. There are themes that can radically change the look of the site and the display logic, but (coming back to no custom fields), nothing like wooCommerce.
  3. There’s no drag and drop page builder. The Ghost editor is great (and you should try it out on the Ghost Pro free trial if you haven’t already!) and works really well for blog-like content, but if you’re imaging building complex landing pages, you will probably want some HTML pretty fast.
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Thank you for your comments, we actually only want to be able to import text and images. The rest of the WordPress plugins, tags and themes don’t matter.

What I did when I moved from WP to Ghost was that i created a local install of WP (using the local softare called just that - local) and downloaded all my images and posts to it. Then I installed the Ghost migration plugin. Fixed how I wanted with the tags and categories and then I did the migration. It went very well. I have succeded finally with merging allt of my previous WP blogs into one Ghost site using collections. It’s absolutely amazing! Really recommend doing that if you are running multiple blogs on WP as well.