Access error "There was a problem on the server."

I have a problem accessing my blog using my email and password. It is giving a server error and the following notification appears: There was a problem on the server.

The strange thing is that I can access my blog normally on the front end, but I can’t access the dashboard on the back end.

Does anyone have a path to resolution?

@georgersantoss, can you provide additional information about the message, including a screenshot, plus details of your hosting environment etc?

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Clear. See below.

My project is installed in an environment at Digital Ocean and I’m using Ubuntu.

I always accessed my blog, but when I went to access it today, I got this error and I have no alternatives to recover due to my limited knowledge of this problem.

My blog is being accessed normally, I have traffic on it, you can check it out at but when I go to access the panel, it takes a while and returns the image.

Uploading: image.png…
Uploading: Captura de tela 2022-12-13 144933.png…

I’m not clear what you mean by “panel“, but https://yourblog/ghost/#/signin works. If there an issue after logging into Ghost admin?

Your image failed to upload.

Here’s the error. I can’t access my dashboard to be able to change, insert post etc. It gives an error on login saying that the problem is on the server. When I access my blog everything is OK, but when I want to access my panel I have this problem that I described above and the message “There was a problem on the server” appears

And, to be clear, logging in fails?

Yes. Don’t go past this screen.

I note that you are using Cloudflare DNS. What happens if you switch to developer (bypass) mode?

The message in red no longer appeared, but it also does nothing.

Is there a way to reset the password? My SMTP is not configured.

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