Adding Jamstack website to Ghost Explore

From lats year, my Ghost website was redesigned with Nuxt.js. Now I’m redevelop another blog with Next.js. The only problem I have is, there is no any way to add my Jamstack websites to Ghost Explore. I want to know how to add Jamstack website to Ghost Explore.

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Explore requires the Ghost instance to be available publicly because it uses the API to fetch and update the site’s data within Explore. If you don’t have that then the site can’t be added.

If your Ghost instance is available publicly then you need to submit that URL, e.g. where Explore can then fetch


But this will fetch not Isn’t it?

I’m not sure I’m following, why do you think it would it fetch the http version?

It was a mistake. I edited the comment with https.

But this will fetch not Isn’t it?

I think you still have a mistake in your question, both URLs are the same?

OMG check now

But this will fetch not Isn’t it?

It will fetch which provides Explore with the details of your site, including its front-end URL.