More email footer options

Having moved to Ghost from Substack, one bit of functionality I miss is the ability to configure the email footer based whether the content is paid or free and whether the recipient is a paid or free subscriber. For example, here are different footers I would like to append:

Free post / Free subscriber

You’re on the free list for [newsletter]. For the full experience, consider subscribing [link to #/portal/account/plans]

Free post / Paid subscriber

This is a free post; feel free to forward it

Paid member post

This post is for paying members only, but it’s okay to forward every once in a while

(Or “please don’t ever forward my paid posts, you are taking bread from my children’s mouths you monsters” or whatever.)

It would also be useful to add Word-style fields to the footer that would populate with the post details. I have comments enabled and it would be nice to be able to encourage users to comment by linking to {{post-url}}#comments in the email footer.

  • 1, would like to see all of Substacks features get ported over