Additional payment methods beta - can't enable iDEAL recurring payments

Hi team,

Very happy with the support of new payment methods in Ghost!

I’ve joined the beta, flipped the option in ‘settings’, and changed the configuration in Stripe to offer iDeal payments. However, Stripe won’t allow me to flip ‘recurring payments’ (=terugkerende betalingen).

Because of this, the payment options don’t show yet.

This only seems to be an issue for the Ghost-based Stripe configuration.

Thanks, Jasper

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Do you know if this new beta features allows us to turn on PayPal reoccurring subscriptions as it’s shown on this page on Ghost’s website. I’m not going to be near my computer for a couple days or I’d log in and see for myself.

Shows PayPal As Built In Payment Option

@The_Jetsetter_Cheap Please don’t spam multiple topics with the same question. I’ve responded here Want to use both Stripe + Paypal both payment method together - #4 by Kevin

@Jasper I’ve had a quick look at the Stripe docs, it looks like iDEAL is a single-payment-only system so for recurring payments you need to use it in combination with SEPA. Have you set that payment method up too?

iDEAL is a single use payment method where customers are required to authenticate each payment. With this integration, Stripe charges your customer 0.01 EUR through iDEAL to collect their bank details. After your customer authenticates the payment, Stripe refunds the payment and stores your customer’s IBAN in a SEPA Direct Debit payment method. You can then use the SEPA Direct Debit PaymentMethod to accept paymentsor set up a subscription.

To use iDEAL to set up SEPA Direct Debit payments, you must activate SEPA Direct Debit in the Dashboard. You must also comply with the iDEAL Terms of Service and SEPA Direct Debit Terms of Service.

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Hi Kevin, thanks for checking.

I have enabled the SEPA payment, however that won’t allow me to include iDEAL payments.

Currently, I am using a work-around with Stripe for my Ghost account. And with that setup it was able to enable iDEAL for recurring revenues. So it’s specifically not possible for the Ghost platform.

Ofcourse happy to help with additional insights.

What’s the work-around you are using?

I’ve set the site to ‘invite only’ and embedded a different Stripe payment option (default version), connected to the membership packages in Ghost. In that option, I was able to use iDeal for recurring revenues.

Obviously my setup is not ideal (pun intented) as it disallows certain good Ghost features and made me re-code certain parts of the template.

I have the same issue. I cannot enable the recurring option in the Stripe dashboard for Ideal.

I also noticed the following, on the page Additional payment methods (beta) there is under the ideal section first a screenshot to the box that we are unable to enable in stripe.
And next image is an example that show SEPA Direct Debit, This is NOT Ideal payment method. It is the equivalent of a manual transfer.
So this last image is simply wrong and shows an active SEPA Direct Debit integration.

In my ghost instance I can also get the SEPA direct debit to appear, not the Ideal one. The ideal one would have the pink ideal icon in it. such as the next picture:
Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 14.51.58

I contacted stripe support, and they confirmed everything in my account is setup for supporting iDeal payments. So I don’t know how exactly this ghost configuration is created in stripe. but that seems to be where the solution is.

Maybe related:
I have been experimenting with disabling and enabling the stripe integration, And i notice that after reactivating my first premium tier has turned into $ instead of €. It mentions on the linked article: The "Recurring payments" toggle is disabled if premiums tiers are not EUR
I have not found a way to make my ghost instance fully €-based. as my free tier always show $… is there a config for this?

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even more suspect I am of this file: Ghost/ghost/stripe/lib/StripeAPI.js at main · TryGhost/Ghost · GitHub

Somewhere there the recurring setting for ideal does not get set…
It’s just that I cannot find out where

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Could it be line 20?
const STRIPE_API_VERSION = ‘2020-08-27’;

The current version is 2024-04-10.