New Stripe payment methods not showing up

I have connected Stripe payout on my Ghost website. I recently added SEPA as an option alongside credit cards. The new payment method does not show up in Ghost though.

Stripe says:

We’ve detected that you are not using Automatic Payment Methods. To manage payment methods from this page get the latest version of Checkout, Payment Element or Payment Links.

I’m not sure how I can do that, though. Anyone has an idea how I can update the Stripe connection?

We’re on version 4.42.1. I tried dis- and reconnecting Stripe, but that’s not possible while there are active memberships.

I’ve checkt the tutorial Strips shows me when I want to add the SEPA method into my existing Ghost/Stripe integration.

But I have now idea what to do with this. So my question is: Is it even possible to add payment methods other than credit cards (and Apple Pay, which also seems to work) into my Ghost subscriptions?