(Additional payment methods-beta) PayPal not working anymore

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Issue Summary

  • Once you activate the additional payment methods, in the frontend in germany Paypal appears. But PayPal cannot be used and only forcing an error.
  • Expectation would be: Activate addional payment methods >> configure settings in Stripe >> see the activated payment methods in user interface >> do successful transactions with these payment methods

See additional infos in the attached screenshots:

Running a selfhosted version of ghost, Version: [5.85.0]

Paypal is not supported by Stripe for this usecase. You can reach out to Stripe to request that they add support in future

Maybe you should also delete the hint in the ghost backend in the labs sections:
“Additional payment methods: Enable support for PayPal, iDEAL, WeChat Pay and others. Learn more →” That is a little bit misleading then, because Support for PayPal cannot be enabled…

Also I am wondering why Paypal appears in the frontend, if you activate the additional payment methods in the ghost backend. That leads to not successful payment attempts from potential customers and is not a good UX.