Additional payment methods not working

Hi Ghost Community,

I asked Ghost support about this, but I got forwarded to ask it on here instead by them…

Does anyone know why, if I enable the expirimental payments feature, that iDeal is not showing up?

Additionally, as a international blog operating in the EU. I would like to have access to other payment methods like Bancontact (Belgium), German cards, France cards, Polish bank cards, … these options are turned on at Stripe but any way to implement this?

Could it be a default theme blocking it to show up? Is there any seperate config needed or is it a bug?

I am on the Ghost(Pro) plan, so hosted by Ghost.

Anyone else had similar issues and any solution? Still could not get it to work and support is not helping out.

For people wondering… found the solution and it is not documented…

On the “default” tab, click on “default” and then you will see an option to edit the Ghost configuration… which shows all allowed payment methods.

Thanks for this note Ashley, and sorry about the trouble! I’ve updated the docs now to make it easier for others to find