Allow/Disallow free member signup, nothing happens?

Hi all, I’ve been using Ghost with Members for one 6 weeks now and love it. I have two things I’m trying to get right though and so far I couldn’t find an answer within the existing threads:

They both revolve around the {{#if @member.paid}} - {{else if @member}} - {{else}}

1) When moving the radio Allow free member signup to disabled, what should happen?

I’m talking about

I would expect that instead of showing the signup form it would show the pricing tiers for users to make a choice (while the opposite would just give users a way to sign up through the form and show the tiers after signup).

From the code in signup.hbsI read that

  • paid members get sent to the homepage
  • signed in non paying members get the pricing tiers
  • while all others get forwarded to the signup form

where I’m confused right now, what does that choice disable/enable actually do, as it doesn’t seem to change anything in any of the flows I’m testing.

2) I plan to signup people via PayPal, any way to keep free members/vs paid members tiers?

What I mean by that: I foresee the flow to be:

  • subscribe button
  • send to pricing tiers
  • tier button sends to PayPal subscription
  • PayPal payment creates user with email address
  • User is sent to his account page with info about next steps

Now these users will have access to paid content.

  1. How do I attach the @member.paid to such users?
  2. When they cancel I’d like them to be able to stay around and still have access to their account information (which I’m bundling in account.hbs. Instead of deleting them outright I’d “demote” them to @member. From which they can always go back to @member.paid.

Does what I’m saying make sense? I’m guessing that letting them in via Paypal/Zapier would give them just @member, but not @member.paid status. Very happy to hear your thoughts!

Hi there!

This toggle has no effect on your theme layer/frontend. It disables free member signup on the backend, effectively closing the public endpoint for sending an email address to create a member.

What this means is that the only way for someone to become a member would be to go via Stripe Checkout flow, the CSV import flow, or the Admin API/Zapier flow.

What is the reason for using PayPal? We have a very deep integration with Stripe which will keep everything in sync for you.

2.1. The only way to attach that at the moment is to give the member a “complimentary plan” which makes them a paid user

2.2. You would have to then remove the complimentary plan from the member when they cancel via PayPal

More information on complimentary plans here:

At time of writing it’s available via the Admin API using the comped flag on a member, but not yet documented.


Hi @fabien, wonderful thank you so much for the support.

I understand, so basically I need to change the Lyra theme flow and remove all forwarding to the signup form and just show them the payment tiers. I figured because it shows ’ Great! Check your inbox and click the link to confirm your subscription’, something was wrong with that option.

Yes I’m aware and would love to use it, but Stripe would likely reject the content I’m using it for based on their terms (nothing morally or otherwise objectionable, just a hunch that Stripe would look twice).

Oh cool, I guess I must be on a pre complimentary Ghost vs. Where can I read more about the Admin API in general, so I might try to understand the comped flag?

Thanks again!

edit: hmm just updated and see that complimentary option, however when I save the switch automatically slides to off again. Do I have to “fake” a Stripe plan to make this work?

@fabien - hope it‘s fine to follow up - does the new label allow me to target the various labels in some way inside the theme? Thanks and have a great weekend!

Stripe works with 32 countries, first world countries, Paypal with Over 200. Stripe is nice but is for a privileged audience.

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