Android App status?

Hi, I’m currently assessing Ghost as a platform for our new business website. Communication about the Android app is confusing - looks like it has been retired completely, with no successor, years ago, but Google searches yield no announcement.

Was the app quietly dropped?

If so, shame on the Ghost Foundation for poor comms.


The Android app was primarily a community project that worked with early Ghost versions that only supported markdown. With the introduction of a rich-text editor the Android app no longer functioned and no one else picked it up as it’s a huge amount of work to build support.

The only post about the Android app is on the changelog here and has an update at the bottom of it:

Update February 2020: The Ghost Android app is no longer available for use with the latest versions of Ghost. Find out more about contributing to our open source project.


Thanks for clarifying.

Hopefully this thread gets well indexed so that others can find the info in future.