What is happening with the Android App?

Here a remnant question: What is happening with the Android App ?

So I wonder which, where, how I could, if it is possible to have an apps on my Android to post/manage my selfhosted Ghost.

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There is a new app on Play Store - Obsess for Ghost which I have just tried. It seemed to work OK but I’ve only tried a couple of simple test posts so far.

Hopefully it will be a good unofficial alternative.

BTW I also discovered that you can simply edit using the normal webpage in your browser on Android. If you try to create a post you can enter text but the little + icon to allow photos/HTML etc doesn’t appear, so at first you might think you are restricted to text only. However if you change your browser settings to “Desktop Site” then that + icon appears ( you may need to swipe left slightly) and you can add rich content. Desktop mode is not tremendously convenient so I enter text in normal mode, switch to Desktop to add a picture and then back to normal to continue with the next paragraph of text. Not tremendously convenient but it works.

What happened to this mate?