Anyone use siteground for hosting their ghost CMS site?

Hey all, I am a novice with website development. I use siteground to host my websites and want to use ghost CMS. I’m having a hard time researching if siteground can properly use ghost. Does anyone have experience with this? Thank you!

If you’re going to run Ghost as a dynamic website (not pre-built and run as a static site), you need a host that can host your MySQL database (which is pretty easy) and that’ll let you run Node to serve your pages (less common). Hosting in a virtual server is pretty straightforward (I use Hostinger, personally), as is hosting in a Digital Ocean droplet (perhaps the easiest of the non-managed options), but both of those options do assume you’re comfortable being your own server admin.

If you want to run on Siteground, you’d need something like a virtual server plan. Do they sell those?

I doubt you’ll be able to host a Ghost site with Siteground. Therefore, your options are VPS, as @Cathy_Sarisky suggests, or managed hosting.

In addition to those mentioned, I’ve successfully used Linode and now Hetzner to run Ghost. Alternatively, there’s Ghost Pro, Midnight, and a few other managed hosts.

Thank you @Cathy_Sarisky and @mjw !

Very helfpful. :grinning:


Hi, I’m also using siteground, any ways to use ghost cms?