Attempting to make an Obsidian Plugin that publishes to Ghost

I’m attempting to code this and I have a few issues.
There is this one out there: BUT it doesn’t work on my desktop or iPad. I get a buffer error with Node.js

I can’t use Node.js on my iPad and that is where I am publishing 98% of my blogs. I use my iPad as my main computer and my desktop as something to be extra productive or to develop/practice developing.

So, I need something that can connect to the Ghost API without Node.js.
I have emailed the developer to get help though he has a life (ugh why do people have lives?! /s lol) so I haven’t received a response yet.

My Plugin:
Just committed. I started by cloning the obsidian sample plugin and then I copied and pasted everything over from bramses’ plugin.

The issue I have with his plugin is that the jsonwebtoken uses buffer in the Node.js logic and it can’t if I want to use this on iOS… So I want to re-code this so it doesn’t use that at all. The developer (bramses) told me this (when I emailed him about it)

Hmm, tbh I haven’t tried it on mobile but that makes sense. If you want to run it on mobile, you might be able to write your own manual jwt logic and overwrite the ‘sign’ method. As long as Ghost gets the correct jwt it should be fine:

This is the Ghost Docs I’m reading…

I’m thinking that I can simply use the @tryghost/content-api instead and from there I can authenticate and then push. Which seems a lot simpler than what bramses was doing.
Am I wrong for thinking this or missing something?

You can’t publish with the content api. It’s read only.

You could use the Admin API. I’ve been able to browserify the admin api sdk.

Is there documentation somewhere with the admin API?