Author Meta Title & Description

Hello !

After much effort I completely reconfigured a vps and reinstalled ghost to upgrade to version 1.25 with ubuntu and node 8 (I have completely redone my website beacause it was impossible to upgrade from 0.9)

It was worth it, because I really like Ghost, its a very beautiful and simple system, it’s a pleasure to write articles compared to the hell of wordpress.

I only have a little problem now, how to change the author’s meta ?
I tried directly in the database (users table, column : meta title and description), but it doesn’t work.

Can you specify a little more? Change what about the meta? If you mean remove it from the design you can find it on the template.

Sorry, yes : I just want to change the meta title and description of my author page (just like a post or a page). Its not possible in the admin section, then I tried to modify directly the database (i changed the meta title and description fields in the users table) but it doesn’t work.

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