Auto Save failed: Possible to recover changes?


This is probably a long shot, but I was writing a draft in Ghost (Yes, Mistake No. 1) and as usual, the “auto-save” indicator continues to suggest it was periodically saving.

When I closed the article to take a break, it did not indicate there were any issues savings. Usually when there is, I get a warning saying it’s not saved. In other cases I get a warning saying it’s having trouble reaching the server. But in either case, I copy/paste the text into another doc before I do anything else.

In this case, none of that happened, and in post history, there is a gap of about an hour between versions, but the most recent version is the one that existed before I started writing.

Again, I know i’m likely just screwed here, but it was a considerable amount of very detailed work. So if anyone has any tips on possible ways to recover it. Please let me know.

In the meantime, good reminder to myself and my team never to rely on ghost.