Best approach with existing member/user base

Hi everyone!

Until now, I never enabled registration on my various blogs. Now comments are integrated, it seems to be more relevant than previously.

However, here is the context:

  • I’m using 3 or 4 different blogs, covering different aspects/topics
  • I already have a registration system (popup) for my multiple newsletters (using an open source marketing automation tool called “Mautic”).

As you can see, I don’t want to add another registration for this use base “just” to be able to comment on our blogs. Also, it would mean one registration per blog (which doesn’t make sense).

So in this case, what would be the approach? My initial thought is to to synchronize my user base to all my Ghost blogs via API calls (via a kind of custom middleware that will do that automatically). But it seems that Ghost comments are disabled if I don’t enable registration on each site (which I don’t want to, since I already have the popup on the blog itself).