I don't see the number of opens of the posts I mailed to subscribers

As you can see on the attached screenshot, I only see zeroes where I would expect to see the actual opens. The same applies to when I go to the profiles of members. I see zeroes there too.

Image 2021-03-16 12-26-02

I am pretty sure that I have configured everything with Mailgun correctly, because I have been sporadically sending subscriber emails for a couple of months now and everything works fine on the Mailgun side (incl. the analytics part).

Could anyone share an idea why this might not be working? The Ghost version I am running on is 3.40.4


I have kind of the same issue. My numbers randomly update. So, for example, I always send out my weekly newsletter on Sunday, on Monday it says 2% opened the email although the analytics of Mailgun say something completely different, after a couple of days the correct number gets displayed within Ghost.

So, in general, the numbers in Ghost do not correspond to the analytics Mailgun is showing.

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try https://mailflagger.com it pulls your email stats directly from Mailgun and gives you more analytics.

Are you, by any chance, using Cloudflare?

I had this problem, and I finally figured out that the CNAME Mailgun asks you to set for open tracking needs to be set to “DNS Only” in Cloudflare not “Proxied”. Once I resolved that, it all started working again.

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