Newsletter open-rate analytics

I’m running 3.40.5 and have enabled “newsletter open-rate analytics”.
However, none of my members are showing an open rate. And my posts do not show the open rate correctly, as in the open rate shown is completely different to what is shown in mailgun.

Is there something else I need to configure to get this working.


You’ll need to have sent at least 5 emails with open-rate tracking enabled to a member before results are significant enough to display an open rate.

This may be down to the numbers reflecting different things. Mailgun shows an open rate based on successfully delivered emails, however in Ghost the number is simplified to work within the limited confines of the post list and will show an open rate based on the number of members the email was sent to.

Without knowing any of the specifics it’s not possible to tell you exactly what’s going on. Although, if you are seeing the stats then it’s likely working as intended with nothing else to configure.

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