Changed from Lede Landing to Journal-Getting 400 hbs.home error

Hi all: I need some help changing my theme. I am technical but I am not a developer so I’ll need you to explain it to me like I’m a 4 year old. :-)

I currently have Lede Landing theme installed. I want to change to Journal (Free Official newsletter theme). When I tried to install Journal, I got a 400 error about not finding a “home.hbs file”(see attached screenshot)

. I was advised to either reupload or edit the “routes.yaml” file, but 1. Journal theme doesn’t have a routes file 2. When I tried uploading the Lede routes file, I got a ton of errors so I switched back to Lede for now.

Need help on how to get Journal installed and running like it is supposed to with no errors. If I need to edit code, again Im not a dev, so if I need to add or edit code, if you could share exactly what I need to cut and paste and where, I would appreciate it. My site is Thank you.

Here is the base routes.yaml file:

Before uploading and overwriting your routes, you should download the current one (to have it as a backup).