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*Latest version of Ghost on Lightsail via Bitnami package

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  • reproduced on Chrome and Firefox

Hi all,

Hoping to get some help with a small problem.

I have a recent Ghost install, as above, install worked great. Now working on skinning/theming.

When I try to upload a Publication Image or Icon, the uploaded image preview shows a blank/chequered background and no image is displayed upon loading the page.

Tried various formats AND re-uploading the original image/s that came with the Wave theme – same problem. The preview shows a blank/chequered/transparent bg and no image is displayed upon loading the page.

I tried a test post with an image, and it uploaded and displayed successfully.

Grateful for any pointers!

Many thanks.

The chequered background is usually there to show transpacency in the background.

I just tried myself on Ghost v5.82.0 and can upload both publication icons, logos, and covers without issues.

Have you checked your browser console and/or Ghost logs to find any errors?

Let me check both of these things next. Thanks jannis!

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This could also be a proxy error / mixed content (http vs https).