Change a contributing writer's email address


I have a writer / contributor, with an old email address. I’m trying to change the email address on my end as an administrator but it’s not letting me. Is this a bug? Or how can I change their email address so they can login with their new address?

Thank you

Is there any error message when you try? (If you don’t see anything on the screen, press F12 and then the ‘console’ tab and look for an error message.)

Are you self hosting, or on Ghost Pro? If on Ghost Pro, email them. If self host, please provide information on how you’ve got your transactional email configured.

We are Ghost Pro. I’m getting in a red box above " Can’t save user, please double check that you’ve filled all mandatory fields." then in the email field it’s saying enter a valid email. I added the one the author emailed me from so it is valid.