New Author - Log in url on email not working

Hi there,

I’ve just set up a new author on my blog, the email for the author to validate and create logins (link) isn’t working.

Is anyone else having this issue? And how do I resolve it?


Hey there, are you able to provide more details? It’ll help us to debug the issue :slight_smile:

Hi there,

Thanks! When the link is clicked it won’t load properly and can only see a turn wheel.


Hmm, are you not able to provide any more info? Are you using Ghost(Pro) or a self hosted version of Ghost?


Not using ghost pro, Belive its a self hosted version. If you need know anything specific I can find that out for you :smile:


Is it attempting to go to the right domain? Are you able to log in normally with another account?

Yes its going to the correct domain, no issues with logging in with other accounts.

Hmm ok. Did you set up the Ghost install yourself? You might need to get in touch with your site administrator to get a better idea of what’s happening

Can you share the link that isn’t working, and also try resending the invite and try out the new link?

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