Paid member only blog

Why is my paying blog not working? It didn’t ask for payment and homepage’s subscribe button sends readers to 404. Please have a look.

Hey @NicolasK :wave:
Would I be right in thinking you’re using Liebling theme? If so then the theme comes with a routes.yaml file, which defines the extra routes to render pages such as your subscribe page:

You’ll need to upload this file via the Labs tab in Ghost admin. Hope this helps :blush:

Hello it didn’t solve the problem.

Hi @NicolasK. There’s definitely something wrong with your pages or routes file.

For anyone here to help, you’ll need to paste routes.yaml and show the pages you’ve created in Ghost. It’s hard to know the problem at the moment.

I uploaded the routes.yaml David mentioned. The problem is the “newsletter” page that the homepage “subscribe” button redirects to.

I can see the pages have been created, but when I visit them I just get an error. You can see all your pages in your sitemap:

Just a thought, but have you created pages in Ghost admin as well? When you add the routes file it creates the page routes for you, so if you’ve created a page with the same name it could cause problems.