Complaint about MailGun

Quick formal complaint about mailgun and the need to have other integration options:

I set up Mailgun early last week. Within two days of using the service, I noticed that the account was permanently deactivated. I contacted multiple people at Mailgun who only confirmed that the account was disabled and could not point me to any real reasons.

I tried to get in touch with higher-ups to understand why to no avail. Even after being permanently disabled, I had to request a refund on my own accord.

I’m not sure what to do about using Ghost because Mailgun permanently disabled my account, but this shows a huge weakness in the Ghost model (decentralized) to have to rely on a singular service like Mailgun.

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@alexgoldman68 did MailGun ever get back to you why they deactivated the account? Am looking at possibly signing up to MailGun or using the MailChimp/ConvertKit integration and don’t want to fall into a similar issue.

No they did not. I haven’t heard of many others having this problem though.