Complimentary subscriptions with user-defined end date

I’d love to be able to offer a complimentary subscription that lasts less than a year – it would be great to be able to enter an end date. Thanks for your consideration.


In the Stripe dashboard, you can manually cancel a subscription for any date. This is how I can let someone in for a month instead of a year.
Create the complimentary subscription in ghost and cancel it in Stripe.
Hope this works for you!

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My own use cases:

  • I don’t push the newsletter to clients in my consulting business, because it’s not for everyone. But, when I see a client sign up, it would be nice to offer them a 3-month comp subscription. This way, the additional mails will end with no further action on their part; a nice solution if it’s not for them.

  • When I speak at events, I would like to offer short comps for people who attend.