Mobile blogging from Android phone

I use Ghost as a travel blog to record my adventures in my campervan. I tend not to take computers or tablets but rely on my Android phone to blog, edit photos etc. I now notice that the mobile app is no longer supported (and simply seems to hang when trying to connect to my blogs) and when simply browsing to my blog’s admin page I get informed mobile editing is not supported. I can create new text posts but not embed images, add markdown etc.

Do others do mobile blogging from phones, if so what is the best practice?


To answer my own post. It looks like using Google Docs and Zapier is a reasonable approach. I create a doc in a staging folder on the Google Drive so I can edit it in more than one session if needed, and when complete move it to the hosting folder which is Zapped to my blog as a draft. All that needs doing on my blog is then changing any settings (like uploading a post cover image etc) and publishing.

As a long time user (and fan) of Quill and then the Ghost Editor on Android it is a shame this simpler approach no longer works.

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I’m also 100% on the road. I unfortunately have never made a phone (or iOS tablet) work. I now use a ChromeOS tablet as the minimum spec for blogging work.

I do sometimes draft a post in Google Docs and then paste it later using a tablet.