How to set "support" and "newsletter" emails without verification as for main one?


I used config.production.json to set mail.from value which works fine, but then I saw some errors to register members because there are addresses that are defined by Ghost on its own (and my SMTP server cannot use them). They look like:

So I want to change them, for the support I’m find to provide a real one, but for the second I want to use a generic (just a “send address”).

The tricky part is when I try to update them it tries to send a confirmation email but I have no inbox (MX records) for the second one (since I want it generic as a “noreply”.

I looked across code like Updated support/reply email address flow by rishabhgrg · Pull Request #12161 · TryGhost/Ghost · GitHub

But I see nowhere how to set members_support_address from a configuration without going through the UI that requires confirmation and so on…

Maybe a direct update in the database but it seems… strange compared to the default mail.from we can set as we please.

Thank you,