Difference Between local & production mode

Hello all,

What are the exact differences between the local install and the production install/ Ubuntu?

I’m new to Ghost and I asked myself what the differences are. What I know is that on the production install you have to create a new user and setup Nginx & MySQL. But are there also differences in performance?

I’m planning to host Ghost on a server and MySQL on another one, since I already have a MySQL DB server. Now, I would like to know if Ghost would still work efficient if I install the local version on the web server and manually config the SQL service.

Thank you very much

I don’t know every difference, but Ghost’s local install option is clearly labeled as not being for production:

Some differences I see are:

  • Production instance is managed by systemd for starting on boot and restarting
  • MySQL for production vs SQLite locally
  • Auto-restarting when changes are made locally-- useful for development but wasteful in production
  • Improved performance with Nginx reverse proxy in production. No reverse proxy locally.

It should be no problem to use the production install with MySQL on a remote host. That’s almost certainly what Ghost(Pro) is doing in production.

You should be able to use a production install and set your MySQL hostname to the remote host.

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