How to Publish Site from Local to Production via sFTP and SSH


I’ve spent a month or so building out a theme, website, content and all, locally via MAMP and I’m now ready to go live. I’ve followed the tutorial below to setup Ghost via Digital Ocean:

I’ve created the droplet in Digital Ocean and now see the default theme and default installation:

Shared with CloudApp

I now need to copy my local version into production, however, I can’t find any docs on how to do it. As I already have a working /car/www/ghost install on Digital Ocean my best guess is to:

  1. taz.gz my local ‘/ghost’ directory, and replace the production ‘/ghost’ directory with it.
  2. Export the local MySQL database, create new one in production and import
  3. Update some config file somewhere with the new MySQL details???
  4. Smile and wave.

Before I attempt this is there guidance anyone could please share? :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hey there :wave:

For content transfer, you’ll want to use the importer, and for theme transfers, you’ll want to download and upload your theme (which can be done in the design section. For image transfers, you can use classic sftp :slight_smile:

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Thank you @vikaspotluri123 ! I’ve run into another more serious issue when trying to update which I literally just posted about! Once I resolve that I look forward to trying your solution!