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I am thinking about moving over to ghost, but I have a few things I need to “solve” before I actually do such a thing. First, I need to figure out if there is a theme, or a customizable theme builder, that will allow me to come close to the same concept I currently have. Unlike most “modern” blogs and sites, my work is not image focused. I embed several videos from vimeo a week, post about 8 pointers to other stories in my field I think are worth reading (which really need to be separated from the main content!), and write 1-2 long form text posts a week. My readers have, in the past, objected to the “show me a snippet and make me click more” way of doing things, so I have build rule11 to have the full text of the most recent posts on the main page, while the worth reading posts are in the side bar. Is all of this possible with ghosts, or am I … seeking after something that doesn’t exist?

BTW, my thinking about moving is out of frustration with the new gutenberg thingie. WP is clearly becoming more focused on the developer market than the folks who tinker with things…

Anyway – any custom theme developers out there willing to take a project like this on? Any existing themes that might work? I didn’t see any when looking through the marketplace…

Ghost doesn’t have one of those :slight_smile:

I think all you’re trying to do with Ghost is definitely possible

  • Posts for the read this section could be pulled in via dynamic routing
  • I think all of your posts could easily be displayed using Ghost with no finagling
  • Ghost doesn’t have native comments. There are lots of different solutions out there, but I’m not sure how easy it is to migrate your comments from WP :confused:
  • The marketplace has a good list of themes that work with Ghost. I think you might be able to get by via modifying the editorial theme

Ghost is still young and does at times require some more advanced work. There’s been a lot of work done in making the platform more user-friendly (i.e. installation, customization, etc.), and a lot of hassle can be avoided by using their hosted platform. Not to disuade you from switching to Ghost, I think you should be fully informed :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Thanks! I do think the editorial theme would be the best to start from… I don’t know that I much care about comments any longer – people can send me comments on linkedin, or through email (I could set up a form for this on the site, actually. I don’t really know how much comments add.

I will try to take a look in the next couple of weeks – I’m almost tempted to pay someone to do the initial setup, just so it’s done, and then take over maintenance myself once the initial work is done. I always seem to be time constrained. :slight_smile:

I know the feeling! Good luck :) You can always reach out on the forum, there’s usually a bit of chatter here