Does patching the code of Ghost affect the contents folder?

Later on, I want to add custom features to Ghost (e.g., modify the behavior of how subscriptions work, etc.), and I need to know what would be the right order for the necessary steps of doing this. Suppose I modify some component that is already used in blog content. Is that a problem? Will a Ghost patch affect what’s in the contents folder? Does the order of doing such a modification count? (like, should I do all the patches and then create content, or can I apply a patch any time I want without messing up the blog?)

@kincsescsaba as explained in your previous topic there are no contents stored in the content folder - that folder stores themes and images only.

Maybe step back, use Ghost for a bit, try the theming system, then come back with a concrete/specific example of what you want to change. That way you’ll have a question which is answerable :slight_smile:

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Ok, hope I’ll learn fast :slight_smile: