Editor converts markdown inline notes to endnotes

I’m using Ghost 2.16.14.

I insert a new markdown card, and then paste in markdown for a blog post which contains inline notes. But the editor converts these to endnotes.

This is inconvenient for a post containing lots of notes – the user is forced to go back and forth between the text of the post and the endnote.

Am I missing something, or does Ghost not support inline notes (yet)?

@Vikram what are you referring to as “inline notes”? Can you provide an example of the markup you’re trying to use?


Here’s the markdown I’m putting into a markdown card:

Here is an inline note.^[Inlines notes are easier to write, since you don't have to pick an identifier and move down to type the note.]

When the post is published, it looks like this:

What we’d like is for the user to be able to click on the note number, and a popup to show the text of the note.


Just after posting, I realized that the above markdown syntax is for inline footnotes, so the editor is working as expected. Sorry – am new to markdown and Ghost.

But, if there’s any way to achieve popup notes in Ghost, that’d be great.



And, to clarify, here’s an example of a popup note would look like, from xkcd’s “What if”:

Here’s the page this was taken from: Spiders vs. the Sun.

This isn’t something Ghost itself would do but it’s certainly possible to do that within a theme using client-side javascript using something like http://www.bigfootjs.com.

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