Mailgun deliverability drop

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Every week we send the newsletter to our members. We do have a drop from 28k to 23 to 19k ?

Do you guys have an idea what should we do to fix this ?

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Ghost-CLI version: 1.21.0
Ghost version: 5.12.3 (at /var/www/ghost)

Looks like you had a high failure rate on one of your emails. I’d look at the logs for those then contact Mailgun support - they are the first port of call for deliverability issues.

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Thanks Kevin,
their previous answer last week was :

"last Saturday at 2:34 AM
Hello Jeremie,
Thank you for contacting Mailgun support.

After reviewing the currently assigned IP, it appears that a problematic sender led to the IP’s listing on a reputable blocklist. While we work to delist this IP, we have reassigned your sending to a new IP.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

Cathy | Mailgun by Sinch

It is not really reinsuring, i was wondering if Amazon SES wouldn’t do a better job ?

Thanks for your feed back, i will keep you posted if you are interested.


That’s the nature of all bulk email sending, no provider will have guaranteed deliverability. If you’re sending very large volumes of email you can use dedicated IPs where you have a bit more control over reputation management but then it’s usually on you to manage that reputation rather than the provider.

yep, i’m warming the dedicated IP, i’m on the last stage. I’m just a bit worry when i see how it goes.

Would you guys do better if i got for ghost pro ?

We monitor deliverability and work closely with Mailgun to customise our setup and ensure deliverability stays high across the full range of site sizes we host. If you have any questions about Ghost(Pro) it’s best to drop an email to where the team can provide more detailed answers :slightly_smiling_face: