Email Setup Confirmation + Tracking Not Working Help

Im trying to get email tracking working in my Ghost setup (4.3.3).
I have the following settings:

  • Ghost: Enable newsletter open-rate analytics: Enabled
  • Ghost Settings:

Is there anything wrong with my settings. Also, do I need all the mail settings in Ghost if I have my API key set in my dashboard?

Many Thanks,

Anyone any suggestions?

So what’s with that unsolved puzzle? Have you managed to solve it? I noticed that the problem with email tracking on Ghost is pretty widespread. I haven’t found many solutions on the net, but it seems that your settings are set up correctly. But I suppose that you also need all the settings in Ghost even if your API Key is set on the dashboard. I’ve used different email tracking tools and it was always difficult for me to understand the process of setting up everything correctly. It seems that I’m not the only one like that.

Kind of. I get stats, but they take 2 days to populate. So Im using stats directly from Mailgun for the time being.