Embed with JS and iframe not working

I’m trying to embed a register to vote form and I’ve tried entering the script both at site wide code injection in the head and page-level. Neither works and I just get a blank.
Here’s the forms: https://docs.voteamerica.com/embed/free/

<script src="https://cdn.voteamerica.com/embed/tools.js" async></script><div class="voteamerica-embed" data-subscriber="public" data-tool="verify"></div>

I”m putting the script in the head and the code in the div tag in the body with an html block.

I’ve tried both Casper and the custom theme I was using in order to test, but no luck with any theme.

I had this before where JS didn’t seem to be working on another project.

Any tips? Thank you.

@jasonwojo are you able to share a live page where the script isn’t working?

@jasonwojo the embed is working but it’s styling is resulting in a 1px wide iframe. You could try adding this to the header code injection:

.voteamerica-embed iframe {
    width: 100%;

Thank you. I dropped “iframe” and the style worked well.

Thank you @jasonwojo for promoting voting!!!