Prevent body of post in newsletter

it looks like when im using the email content card it puts that in the newsletter, but I dont want to entire post to also go in the email. whats the best practice to have something in the newsletter email but not repeat the entire same thing on the post?

in email content card:
this is a new post
click through to see more

after the email content card on post:
this is a new post, with more content below

The way most people do this is to publish posts without delivering them as emails, and then create a separate post to deliver only as an email newsletter, without publishing it on your site.

This way, you can send emails as a round-up of your latest published posts (using the email card, bookmark cards and so on).

Thanks for the reply. That sounds pretty complicated to manage both a regular post and the “newsletter post” and makes the “email content” card seem almost useless. What is a good usage case for the email content card if all it does is remain inside the email body along with the rest of the post in the newsletter?

The email card allows you to add content to a post that only appears in the email newsletter, but not in the published post. The most common example is so you can add a personalized intro to your email, e.g. Hey {first_name, "there"}, welcome back to the newsletter…

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