Mail mode vs Post mode

Many issues rise from the fact that posts are emails too by default.

For example if we want different parts of the text in the mail: Excerpt only newsletter and/or respect the public view content divider - #3 by Stromfeldt

Or if we include interactive embeds that are not supported in mail.
(Which the official docs recommend to replace with screenshots, send the mail, then edit the post back to the embeds)

This is all busy work accumulating facing the fact that often the mail structure is similar but not the same as the post itself.

Maybe we can have 2 modes when creating a post - post and mail.
By default they’ll mirror but let’s say when we finish our edit and ready to publish - we can go to the “mail” mode and edit out embeds, maybe cut to an excerpt, add a special message to our mail readers, etc.

You can create posts that are email-only and won’t appear on your site, does that cover your use-case? It would be possible to create the primary post, copy the contents, paste it into a new post and edit for email then send it separately.

It does not cover any case, actually.

For example, the email template has a “View online” button.
If it will be a separate post - there will be no “view online” (or worse, it’ll be wrong).

And all the analytics about the mail and performance of the post will be separated and hard to tell how many “unique” views you had.
In general, this is a big mess on many more levels - that’s why I suggested unifying the concepts under one entity